nSight Surgical is the first, truly objective healthcare record.
Our video based artificial intelligence system is a consistent observer reporting efficiency, quality, and cost data to health centers.
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Surgical Phase Times

Accurate and consistent surgical performance data for teams to feedback on. Now every health center can afford a Lean Six Sigma expert with first in class intra operative data collection tools. Support your nursing with objective reporting automation.

Data Science as a Service

Identify the mean for each surgical service and two standard deviations, to move teams towards benchmarks goals. Incentivize surgical teams to meet clinical and business objectives.

Top in Class Reporting

For the first time, OR managers and clinical teams have efficiency data, case costing details, and quality data to operationalize transformation, collected by the best intraoperative data collections tools that exist.

Efficiency Insights

Kanban your surgical services to help surgeons with new nursing. Define, measure, and support every aspect of surgical service and improve efficiencies.

Quality Insights

Retained foreign object prevention and maintain the surgical count. Monitor in surgery times, sterile field violations and room in and outs from cut to closure and compare to hospital readmission rates and SSIs 30, 60, 90 days.

Cost Insights

Define case costing for each service with current inventory used, monitor disposable and tray inventory in each case. Detail inventory waste in each case.

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Artist: Ke Jyun Wu
Nathaniel Smith
Nathaniel has been a designer of products, experiences, and brands for 20 years. Finding human centered ways to meet user needs with aesthetic harmony is what drives him.

His mission is to increase the quality and efficiency of the operating room for all patients; with nSight Surgical present in hospitals, patients will know they have someone looking out for them.
Derek Amanatullah

Dr. Amanatullah is an Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at Stanford University.

He conceived the use of computer vision in surgery as a Faculty Biodesign Fellow in 2017. A subsequent Coulter Foundation Grant allowed Dr. Amanatullah to patent the founding technology now under worldwide exclusive license.
Tuoc Luong
Tuoc served as the Chief Executive Officer of Shanda Online until 2014. Tuoc served as the Global Senior Vice President of Yahoo from 2007 to 2010, where he led the Search Division and was responsible for Yahoo Search products worldwide and gained market share during his tenure.

He served in senior roles such as Chief Technology Officer in companies such as Zazzle Inc., IAC Search & Media, Inc., and Microsoft.  

Leadership Team
Nathaniel Smith
Derek Amanatullah MD PhD
JD Zamfirescu
Alison Rivas
Mohammad Haghighat PhD
Dir. Comp Vision
Mohammad Haghighat PhD
Dir. Engineering
Justin Bowen
SR. CV Engineer
Navid Fallahinia PhD
Research &
Alicia Navajas
Operations Lead
Alison Rivas